T hank you for visiting   Encore Too RagaMuffins   , proudly mentored by Janet Klarmann of Encore RagaMuffins! We have such a beautiful selection of the sweetest, most loving lap cats that you will ever experience. They come in such a beautiful array of colors, it's like looking at a rainbow of a beautiful spring day!
My name is Lynn and I have been a   Ragamuffin Breeder   since my dear friend Janet introduced these beautiful sweet    RagaMuffin Kittens   into my life. I am so amazed at their beautiful big eyes, wonderfully large bodies, stunning colors and incredibly sweet personalities.   RagaMuffin cats   are big, friendly lap cats wrapped in soft, plush, fur coats. You could sit for hours and run your fingers through their beautiful coat and believe you just found heaven.

Our kitties are very special to us, you will find these babies are raised in my home under foot, on top of my bed and occasionally assisting with the keyboard as I type. We are not a caged cattery, this is their home and they allow us humans to share it with them!

Be Warned, One RagaMuffin is not usually enough!

Is a Quadruple Grand Champion
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